Amidst all the changes going on in our world today, the Farkas Center stands ready to serve you by teaching about the Holocaust and other human rights atrocities so that “Never Again” becomes a reality for all peoples.

May the courage and spirit of our community give us strength during these tumultuous times.

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March of the Women is a tribute and a memorial for the women lost at Auschwitz. It shows how the present overlaps with the remains of the past. Courtesy Carrie Zeidman ( 




Seeking to preserve the history of the Holocaust for future generations


Honoring Holocaust survivors and bringing them together with today's students


• Using survivor testimony to educate students and teachers about social justice and moral courage 

The Helen & Joe Farkas Center was founded in 2007 by Holocaust educator Jim McGarry in honor of Helen & Joe’s dedication to Holocaust education.

Read Helen’s powerful and terrifying personal testimony Remember the Holocaust

An inspiring testament to human resilience

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All proceeds from sales of Helen's book goes to the work 

of the Farkas Center for the Study of the Holocaust in Catholic Schools