The Farkas Center develops coalitions across diverse school campuses to highlight and
encourage youth activism. We serve as a connector between schools and social justice
organizations and provide collaborative leadership opportunities for students that empower others to become more effective contributors to the common good.

Natalie Martinez

Student Board Member

We all have our own story and our own path, which makes the story unique. The way we choose to tell it, is up to us - we are our own author."

Nikolas Chupkin

Student Board Member

The only way to truly eradicate hatred is to phase it out through generations of education, and it all begins at the level of our individual communities."

Wolfie Tobiason

Student Board Member

We must hear and pass down as many stories as we can to prevent antisemitism from gaining traction and ultimately to stop genocide from taking place."

Sabrina Jarman

Student Board Member

Be the truth, the light, and the change in the world."

Sarah Barnes

Student Board Member

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ― Aristotle.

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The Farkas Center

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