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AnneMarie Yellin


AnneMarie Yellin was born to Jewish parents in Chemnitz, a town near Berlin, Germany. She was 8 years old on Kristallnacht, when her father was arrested and taken to Buchenwald. Anne-Marie and the rest of her family made a dangerous escape across the border into Belgium and went into hiding in an attic in Brussels. For her protection, Anne-Marie was sent alone to be hidden in a Convent school and was protected with many other children by the nuns of Saint Anthony of Padua. Following the end of the war, Anne-Marie emigrated to the United States where she has lived since 1948. She lost many family members during the Holocaust, including her mother. Yet, she says, “It is my duty to pass the story on to the younger generations…We have a responsibility to carry on these accounts of the Holocaust, so that they never repeat themselves again…”

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