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Survivor Studio Project - Educator Request Form

Thank you for your interest in the Survivor Studio Project. Survivor testimony is 30-45 minutes long; portrait making is 45-75 minutes.  The Project can occur over the course of two class periods or in one longer session depending upon the needs of your classroom.  It is recommended that testimony and portrait making occur within a week of each other.

Grade Level(s) of Participants
Preference for Portrait-Making Session

Thank you for requesting the survivor studio project!

Additional instructions

While listening to survivor testimony, please instruct students to select and note key words or phrases that resonate with them. This will be used during portrait making.

Suggested Donation

The Farkas Center gratefully accepts donations to cover the costs of this program.  Checks can be made to: Farkas Center; 3739 Balboa St. San Francisco, CA 94121

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