Seeking to preserve the history of the Holocaust for future generations

The Helen and Joe Farkas Center for the Study of the Holocaust in Catholic Schools exists to honor Holocaust survivors and to bring them together with today’s students.


We connect this difficult history to how we act locally and globally today so that the slogan, “Never again!” can become a reality for all peoples.


We seek to preserve the history of the Holocaust for future generations. By integrating the use of survivor oral testimonies in educational settings, either in person or by means of primary and secondary resources, we educate both students and their instructors about social justice and moral courage.


We strive to:

  • Honor survivors with community-based events which communicate respect and show appreciation for the vocation of those who share their stories with students and others.


  • Create and provide vital and effective educational events that emphasize and dignify survivor testimony.   


  • Integrate Holocaust education into broad and varied curriculum and expand curriculum resources for local Jr. and Sr. high schools in the community.


  • Produce multimedia resources that can be used by survivors to share their stories and personal records with families and students, enhancing presentations by survivors and second generation.

Our Courage and Spirit Series includes events which educate and build community, culminating in a community event and a luncheon honoring survivors.  Additionally, we provide speakers and support services, to local Catholic schools, throughout the year.

Our educational programs include:

  • Multiple survivor presentations 

  • Thematic panel discussions

  • Community reading of survivor memoirs 

  • Roundtable discussions with survivors 

  • Sessions in French for French classes 

  • Testimony from a witness/survivor of another genocide 

  • Integration and coordination with JFCS Day of Learning

  • Community events including honoring survivors, student presentation of creative arts, participation of community clergy 


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The Farkas Center

Phone: (415) 702-0696

Email: farkascenter@gmail.com

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